RUDA pro, web-based Room Data Sheets for pre-design, design and interior design


Using BIM in the design process is all about connecting objects to relevant information and digitally making this accessible to all stakeholders in the project. Structure, flexibility and accessability are corner stones providing the base for additional BIM benefits like Analysis, Planning and Quantity takeoff. A single source of information combined with an easy-to-use application is necessary to make collaboration efficient.

FOJAB Architects and Tyréns have found that a great part of the design information can be connected to the Room object. Some information may be handeled in the CAD tool but as the amount of information increases the CAD-model tends to get overloaded. Not all of the project stakeholders can access the information because they are not familiar with CAD: RUDA Pro is the perfect appplication for making relevant information available and editable for all stakeholders.

Pre-design Room Data Sheets in RUDA

Let all stakeholders process the functional requirements in collaboration. One single source of information makes the process transparent.

RUDA makes Room Data Sheets a part of BIM.
  • The functional requirements from pre-design can be directly associated with the solotions in the Room Data Sheets of the design process.
  • The Autodesk® REVIT connection makes synchronisation between CAD-model and RUDA dynamic and customizable.
  • Interior design module keeps track of all interior objects and what rooms they are in.
  • Flexible customizable reports can be generated to PDF and Excel

Keep track of the process, who has decided what?

By gathering all room associated indormation in a central database accessibl over the Internet several advantages can be taken:
  • The design manager gets an overview of hov the design process is developing. Approvals and Status control per room object and discipline in a single source of information eliminates many of the associated with extensive, multi version spreadsheets going around by e-mail. .
  • RUDA can be used as a collaboration tool involving the clients and end-users.
  • The responsibility for a room object can be cross-discipline shared
  • Dynamically set up what properties the Room Data Sheet should contain.

The Revit connection

RUDA Pro has a two-way synchronisation connection to Revit. What properties to synchronise in which direction is fully customuizable in a simple XML-file and is set up per project. Thematic drawings can be created in Revit on the basis of RUDA information. A click on a RUDA link in Revit takes the user directly to the corresonding Room Data Sheet in RUDA.