RUDA - web-based Room Data Sheets make your professional life easier!

FOJAB Architects and Tyréns developed RUDA, because we lacked such a tool in our daily work. We hope that you too will benefit from our web-based application. The web-based Room Data Sheets handle all kinds of room based information in close integration with Revit® BIM software.

Banner RUDA gathers all the information usually scattered among different documents, companies and persons in a single database. The information is accessible 24/7, and you always have the updated version.
A RUDA project can be started within 24 hours! Unify the information by creating project specific templates and standard rooms. Feature information can be updated across the database in a few clicks using the template and the bulk update. Any information is easily found using the powerful filtering or search features. Create your project specific structure by attaching the rooms to a user defined set of zones. The customizable report feature supports personal Excel, PDF and RTF formats for final output on paper.

RUDA is available in two versions:

  • RUDA Base, featuring a full Room Datasheet Module but without BIM Integration. Free to use.
  • RUDA Pro, featuring full BIM Integration at a fee of 525 Euro per month

RUDA bae or RUDA pro?

RUDA Base (free version) features a complete Room Datasheet Module. Standard reports can be used to create Excel, PDF or RFT Documents.

At any time the free version can be upgraded to RUDA Pro, featuring personalized reports and full Revit Integration. RUDA Pro also features modules for Pre-design requirements and Interior Design. RUDA pro

Compare RUDA Base and RUDA Pro:

RUDA base RUDA pro
General features
Zones, Phases, Approval and Locking of information Yes Yes
Search and filter information Yes Yes
Uses templates and standard rooms Yes Yes
Advanced report features Yes Yes
Excel export Yes Yes
History logging Yes Yes
History log reports No Yes
Dynamical, per project customizable properties No Yes
Bulk Edit No Yes
Search and Replace No Yes
BIM Integration. Read and write metadata like areas, material etc. between RUDA and Revit. No Yes
Administration of users, locking/unlocking information No Yes
Language Support No Yes
Room Data Sheets    
Room Data Sheets for Architects Yes Yes
Room Data Sheets for any discipline No Yes
Pre-design Requirements    
Data Sheet to describe building requirements No Yes
Post-design Information Export    
Data Sheet to describe as-built documentation including XML-export features for FM-systems No Yes
Interior Design    
Data Sheet to facilitate Interior Design documentation on an Item per Room-level No Yes