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About us

Tyréns AB is one of Sweden's leading urban planning consultancies. We specialise in planning and infrastructure solutions that promote sustainable development.
Founded in 1942, Tyréns is today a group with more than 1,000 employees, 20 offices nationwide and our partners in London, AKT II. Owned by a private foundation, Tyréns is a leader in research and development and works closely with universities and research institutes.
The ownership and strong finances make it possible to commit to a project on a long-term basis so that we can develop our business and our staff. Tyréns is also a member of the group Swedish Technology and Design.
In 2011 Tyréns entered the international market by acquiring a majority stake in AKT II, one of the world’s premier structural engineers. AKT II has 100 employees and is based in London.

FOJAB Architects AB with more than 100 employees is one of Sweden´s leading architect offices. FOJAB is based in Malmö in the very south of Sweden and have been involved in most major projects in this region the past years.